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Wearhousing and delivering
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 06:59

The variation in the structure of import and export goods of Vietnam is happening around the world that requires the transportation services industry improving to support the movement of goods, especially for the container shipping’s type. Therefore we have to increase container handling equipment and yard.

With large warehouse systems, our company is ready to meet all the needs of customers for warehousing, storage, transportation and distribution of goods to anywhere in accordance with customer’s demand.

Providing warehousing and packing services with all import domestic and foreign cargoes, our services include classified, arranged and played draw for the type of container to ensure safety for goods

Along with the professional and experience, our company is always ready to serve customersdedicatedly. Receiving anytime, delivery anywhere is the motto of our work.

Hà Nội
New York
Hong Kong

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