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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 02:04

Silver Sea Logistics Co.,Ltd is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. We offer ocean, air and land freight services, and other extensive logistical support. We have grown rapidly and established a reputation as a prestigious domestic and international freight forwarder with a global network linking key partners from around the world, along with well-trained and experienced local staff under the leadership of dedicated management teams .

Silver Sea Logistics prides itself on the diversity and quality of our freight services. We operate throughout Asia, Europe, American, the Middle East, etc.. Along with core freight services we provide a number of support services, including import-export facilitation, multimodal transport, express transport, load removal and relocation, and customs clearance. We also have a large warehouse network allowing for storage and consolidation at several points along the shipping route.

To meet the growing demand for our services, our ground base continues to expand. We are deeply aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and the need for efficient, safe and economical deliveries; therefore we are committed to matching expansion on the ground with refinement of our customer service provision at all levels.

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